My very first POST

My very first post in that I have been a member for over 2 years.  I first joined when I thought about writing. Lot of the books that I was reading at the time just made me mad.  So on that MY thought was to write how I would handle-do-fix what needed to be.  The problem with fixing the WHAT IF is that it is NOT your’s to fix.  As I read more online  web books, Ebooks, along with my pale tries at writing down what might make a book.  I came to see and feel that am I better at the what if and not so much at the what is.  Coming up with new is harder then tweeking what others have written.  So in that theme friends said to just write, anything.  The more you write then better you will become (sometimes).   One other called friend in the loosest of ways also said “LOL it’s NOT like you have to worry if you suck as you might get 2 people max to view your post.

With that thought I push the button =)